• Presentations and interactive lectures by physicians, physical therapist, nutritionists and other healthcare professionals on various topics and treatment to raise the level of care, awareness, and quality of life Parkinsons and movement disorders
  • Discussion, lectures and informative workshops on Books, Journals Internet resources videos and on Parkinsons and related disorders.
  • Exercise and Movement Classes: specifically to compensate for the balance and movement deficits experienced by those with PD.
  • Offers telephone emotional support, information and referral for individual , with Parkinson, their spouses, families and caregivers
  • Special events and a caregiver support group for spouses and family members. and Bi-yearly newsletter created by team members for people with parkinsons.











Support Groups


Wouldn't it be nice to share experiences with someone who is going through the same situation as you. Each day may bring a new difficulty or provide you with a new reason to be happy. It is for all of these times, the pleasent, the frustrating, the daily difficulties and rewards were the reason that support groups were put into place. 

These groups allow individuals with parkinson and caregivers together the opportunity to speak freely, have an oppurtunity to pose questions that may be sensitive, seek suggestions from people who are coping with similar circumstances, or simply be able to listen and gain knowledge about the general information shared about the disease and its effects.