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International Essential Tremor Foundation Site on Essential Tremor.

Exercises for the PD Patient Handy tricks and exercises to improve walking, sitting, rising, balance, and more.

FDA' s Tips for Taking Medicine Medication management is rarely as simple as "take two and call me in the morning". A comprehensive guide to managing your meds.

Parkinson' s Disease Menu A message board and chat room at Harvard.

PD Trials This is a listing of current clinical trials and the contact information for the clinics.

Hoehn and Yahr Staging of Parkinson' s Disease
Three different scales for rating the severity of PD.

Parkinson's Caregiver's Website is a wonderful compilation of PD caregiver resources. Very helpful.

VeritasMedicine.com An excellent resource for information about treatment options and clinical trials

Stem Cell Research Information It is the goal of the Stem Cell Research Foundation to help realize these hopes by supporting innovative basic and clinical research in the emerging and critical area of stem cell therapy.

GrassRootsConnection This site has been created to increase your knowledge about neurological health and related issues and to facilitate your participation in regaining and maintaining quality of life through group advocacy.

Doctor' s Guide to PD Information and Resources News and information for PD patients, their friends, and their families.

Parkinson's and Pregnancy A website with information on being pregnant while living with Parkinson's.










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Parkinson's Disease & the Art of Moving From this link you can purchase John Argue's "Parkinson's Disease & the Art of Moving" Book and/or VIDEO COMPANION (ten graduated lessons, each about 20 minutes) and get a wealth of information about Parkinson's exercise.

Caregiver resources on the web Thanks to Murray Charters for the great link to Caregivers resources, Parkinson’s & Care-Partners & Support Groups

Parkinson' s Patient at Home A paper that helps the patient and family to achieve better adjustments to home living


PDTrials. The site can help the patient find a trial close to home, or use the inclusion/exclusion criteria from the drug study to narrow down choices. Please be sure to read about our trials under the Patient Care section. The site is part of APT (Advancing Parkinson's Therapies) managed by PDF ( Information from PDTrials.org)

( Information provided by various sites on Parkinsons)

Safety Eating & Parkinsons

Many people with parkinsons have difficulty digesting after meals, which can result in a poor attitude toward eating and drinking. Following are suggestions to make the entire process more pleasurable.

* Cut food into smaller portions and use blenders and food processors to make drinks more enjoyable

* When necessary, after checking first with your physician, use a mild laxative but do not overmedicate for constipation. (Be sure to see your doctor about constipation if it becomes serious)

*Try drinking a glass of juice one half hour after breakfast to avoid nausea *To avoid or quiet an upset stomach, try eating an oatmeal cookie with your medication. Flat cola or ginger ale may also help

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